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Matt Atkinson is a domestic and sexual violence response professional with a background in work with trauma survivors. He has directed programs to prevent domestic and sexual violence, where he developed and implemented programs with schools, colleges, women's prisons, university sports teams, churches, and Indian tribes.

In 2004, he became the first male given the National Award for Outstanding Advocacy and Community Work in Ending Sexual Violence by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. In 2005 he was awarded "Most Therapeutic" by his professional peers.

In 2006 he began to teach college courses on domestic violence and crisis intervention as an adjunct professor. He also regularly presents trainings at workshops and conferences.

In 2009, Matt held a series of all-day training workships for therapists, funded through grants and organized by the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. The methods presented in "Resurrection After Rape" were taught to rooms packed to capacity with crisis workers and therapists.

Matt has directed a project to implement more than fifteen new rape crisis response programs to serve rape victims in rural and remote areas where such services had previously been unavailable. This project included the training of law enforcement, attorneys, victims' advocates, counselors, and program directors. Through this effort, several dozen nurses have also been trained to provide specialized medical care to victims of sexual assault.

In 2009, Matt and his wife designed a first-of-its-kind innovative "healing retreat" for survivors, which has become an annual event that attracts women from around the world. The event is designed around the concept that both spirituality and supportive friendships are essential aspects of recovery from trauma.

In 2011, his book "Letters To Survivors: Words of Comfort for Women Recovering from Rape" received three prestigious publishing awards. Matt continues to speak at trainings and universities.

Matt is an accomplished artist (his personal website is here), and he is married and has two sons.


I try to respond to every email I receive, although responses may take a while according to my schedule at the time. I really appreciate feedback and testimonials about "Resurrection After Rape." I'm eager to respond with comments of support and encouragement, or to answer questions about the book. I cannot provide advice in crisis, nor am I qualified to offer the kind of feedback that would more appropriately come from a clinical therapist. I would be legally liable if I were to attempt to give advice on treatment or trauma-based matters to a person who is not a client. As long as those limitations of mine are understood, I'd love to hear from you!



September 2014: I will deliver a plenary and breakout training session for a Victim's Justice conference in Iowa

June 2014: I have been invited to conduct a training for victims' advocates and counselors for three Native American tribes.

May 2014: The SIXTH Survivor's Healing Retreat was held in Oklahoma!

April 2014: I have been chosen as one of the "Feminists We Love" by the Feminist Wire

February 2014: "Resurrection After Rape" is in use by the Canadian Correctional System.

February 2014: I have been invited to be the keynote speaker for One Billion Rising, for the second consecutive year.

January 2014: Two more rape crisis centers have chosen "Resurrection After Rape" a their programs' primary treatment guide.

June 2013: A counseling program in Canada has chosen my booklet, A Parent's Guide to Helping a Daughter Who Has Been Raped, as a resource for their clients.

June 2013: My article at The Feminist Wire: "False Purity Notions Can Affect Victims' Responses to Trauma"

June 2013: I will be part of a training for an Indian Country Conference in Iowa. My topic will be "Responding to myths about domestic and sexual violence."

April 2013: As part of "Sexual Assault Awareness Month," two rape crisis centers chose to stage public readings of "Letters To Survivors." One program enlisted volunteer survivors to read a selection from the book, and the other had survivors read the book aloud in its entirety.

Spring 2013: "Resurrection After Rape" was selected as the primary treatment resource of a rape crisis counseling program in Minnesota!

February 14, 2013: I was the featured speaker for the Oklahoma "One Billion Rising" event, to honor survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking.

Fall 2012: "Resurrection After Rape" was selected as the primary treatment resource of a Native American rape crisis counseling program in Oklahoma!

Fall 2012: "Resurrection After Rape" was selected as the primary treatment resource of a rape crisis counseling program in Massachussetts!

Fall 2012: I provided a full-day intensive training about PTSD from rape to a treatment center. Registration filled to capacity, and the event was relocated to accommodate more therapists wanting to attend.

Summer 2012: The University of Wisconsin-Stout hosted me to provide two full-day training events for their campus staff, local rape crisis program, and faith community.

Summer 2012: I was the featured guest on a national radio talk call-in show to discuss domestic violence.

Spring 2012: "Letters To Survivors" was included in a Huffington Post article slideshow on "Books that have changed lives" (link inactive, or I would post it here--sorry!)

Fall 2011: I provided an online seminar about the myth of false rape reports to the staff of every rape crisis center in Colorado.

Fall 2011: Conference presentation: "Media Sexism and the Public's Response to Rape"

NOTE: If you have sent me an email recently and did not receive a reply, please contact me again. A house fire caused the loss of our computer, and I have not been able to recover all previous emails.